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Firefox - desktop alert setup

You will need to make sure that your operating system will allow for desktop notifications:

Guide to allow notifications for macOS

Guide to allow notifications for Windows

If for some reason you dont get automatically prompt by your browser to enable desktop notifications, please follow the steps below:

Go to settings

Click on the Settings icon at the right of your browser window and choose “Preferences”

Go to Privacy & Security

On the left sidebar, head over to privacy & security. Once inside the tab, scroll down to permissions and go into notification settings

Set to allow

Once inside the notification permission modal, set the status to allow and click save changes. Your browser should refresh and permit desktop notifications.

Working alerts

You know when the alert notification system process has been setup correctly when the notification bell located inside the watchlist card is blue and active.

If for some reason your Firefox desktop notifications are still not working correctly, please try the following:

Log out of the application. Preform a hard refresh and log back into the app. Try the setup process again.
This is likely due to your Firefox privacy settings. You will need to preform a complete refresh and set back everything to default. Click here to follow instructions.
Please try another web browser such as Chrome

Updated on: 08/15/2020

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