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Dark Pool Levels

Cheddar Flow tracks large premium dark pool orders that help you understand where institutions are getting active. These type of orders are know to create support and resistance levels.

How to understand levels

If we look at SPY from October 1st, we can see that there was about $4.4B in premium accumulating at level 429.22. We can also see that the volume was over 10M which created a very strong support line.

Because of this, the price stayed around that particular level area until it found its momentum and rocketed upwards to close at 434.24. Also note the support zone from September 20th at the same price level

Note: The purple line will display the level with the largest size and premium only.

In Summary

If Institutional levels have a hard time breaking through a specific price point, consider it resistance until broken. Use these as targets for your trading strategy.
As price moves down, look for large levels below current price as possible support. Use these as targets for your trading strategy.

Updated on: 10/05/2021

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