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Understanding Advanced Filters

There are over 20 different filtering options to choose from. You can combine multiple filters together to achieve greater granularity

Selecting filters

You can easily select multiple filters by clicking on the option you desire the most. There is an unlimited number of combinations you can do, however, selecting 2 or 3 will give you the best data results. Click "Done" to confirm your selections.

Clearing / Resetting filters

You can easily cancel out your filters choices by de-selecting the options or by hitting the "Reset All" icon 🔄. After you have selected your filters, make sure to select "Done" to confirm your choice then select the "reset" icon 🔄 from the dashboard

Advanced filters

You can specify what premium, size, expiration, contract price and time you want to sort for. Combine advanced filters with general filters.

Filter definitions

Updated on: 04/10/2024

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