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What are the highlights inside the data table?

$1 million orders

Highlighted in Orange, these are simply massive $1 million and over option orders that come in above ask. Pay attention to these!

Unusual orders

Highlighted in purple, unusual option orders are defined by volume and/or trade size being greater then the open interest with increasing implied volatility. Not only does this show extreme urgency on the trader’s side, but it's also a good indicator to understand if the trader is being bullish or bearish on the underlying stock.

Highly Unusual

Highlighted in blue, these are very aggressive orders that have very large size, expire soon and are far out of the money. Similar to unusual orders, these are a very good indicator to understand if it's more of a pure bullish or bearish bet.

Size lots

Any orders that have contract size equal to or greater than 5,000 is highlighted in blue.

Repeat call activity

Highlighted in gold, these are consecutive call orders that are aggressively coming into a stock. Great to see whats quickly moving from market open. Additionally, you can now click on the ticker symbol for quicker search results

Updated on: 10/02/2021

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